Guide to Corporate Records is the comprehensive practice manual for legal proffeand anyone who maintains corporate records in British Columbia. Published and updated for over 20 years, it has become the industry standard. Many law firms have commented that the Guide has paid for itself in the first month of use.

THE "How-to-do-it" GUIDE

Written by legal professionals for legal professionals, the Guide is jam-packed with instructions, precedents, practical pointers and pitfalls to avoid. All of the information is set out in a logical, step-by-step manner with clear, precise wording -- just what you have come to expect from the creative team at Evin Ross Publications Ltd. The Guide contains practical, thorough instruction on every aspect of corporate records management. Users at all levels of experience can fully understand and perform all tasks. The Guide will reduce the time needed for new staff to become proficient and confident. Experienced staff will find it to be a trusted resource -- the place they look for answers.

Exceptional Precedents

The Guide includes the extensive library of digital precedents (documents, letters and checklists). There are more than 300 ready-to-use digital precedents (in Microsoft Word). Our digital precedents are meticulously designed and properly formatted for speedy document preparation (e.g. styles, detailed descriptive stop codes, automatic bullet and paragraph numbering, etc.). No other precedents are as easy to use. 

What's Covered

Organization Reg. & Records Offices
Annual Maintenance
Directors & Officers
Transfers & Transmissions
Repurchases & Redemptions
Name Change
Authorized Share Structure
Extra-Provincial Companies

See for Yourself

Read the Organization Chapter and you will agree that there is nothing else like the Guide. Anyone who maintains corporate records in British Columbia will definitely want the Guide to Corporate Records at their side. 

British Columbia Edition
Gabrielle Komorowska and Julia Kadow
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