The How-To-Do-It Practice Manual for Legal Professionals

Guide to Wills & Estate is the how-to-do-it practice manual for legal professionals. It is high caliber, well-organized and jam-packed with instruction, precedents, practical pointers and pitfalls to avoid. The many checklists ensure that work flows efficiently and thoroughly. Procedures are detailed in a logical, step-by-step manner with clear, precise wording. The Guide has been published and reliably updated for over 20 years. With a proven track record, the Guide has stood the test of time and is a trusted and must-have resource for any BC law or notary office. Practical. Extensive. Hands-on. Designed for use by legal professionals at all levels of experience (beginner and advanced) the Guide is a ready-to-go tool for new staff. It reduces the time needed to become proficient and confident. Efficiency = time and $ saved Experienced staff will find it to be a trusted resource -- the place to look for answers.

The Best Precedents

The Guide's digital Precedents are meticulously prepared with proper formatting for speedy document preparation (e.g. styles, detailed descriptive stop codes, auto paragraph and bullet numbering, etc.). There are more than 175 Precedents in MS Word format (documents, Probate Forms, checklists and letters), updated to keep pace with ever-changing procedure. The Wills Precedent Clauses are lawyer-edited with WESA in mind. They are written in simplified language so that the most important person in the process, the Will-Maker, understands the wording. Also included are detailed instructions "How to Assemble a Will from the Precedent Clauses". The Guide's digital precedents are well-designed and will save so much time that the Precedents alone are worth the cost of the entire Guide.

British Columbia WESA Edition; 500+ pp
Gabrielle M. Komorowska;
BC lawyer-edited


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