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Julia is a Corporate Services Supervisor. She is involved in the support document drafting for all of the major transaction matters for clients including purchasing a business or assets, restructuring of corporate entities and incorporation of new entities. She provides support for Charities + Non-Profit clients. She is the liaison for the Corporate Commercial practice with the British Columbia Registrar of Companies and with Corporations Canada.

Julia is also a presenter for Continuing Legal Education BC seminars for both lawyers and other legal support staff. She also works with lawyers to review and implement statutory changes that affect business clients. She manages the corporate records department in regards to administrative matters, precedent maintenance and work distribution.

Julia has also been the catalyst in the implementation of electronic records book maintenance system and the setup of protocols for the creation and maintenance of this system.

Julia has two Bachelor degrees from the University of British Columbia: the first in History with a minor in International Relations, the second in Religious Studies with a minor in Classical Studies.
Julia obtained her Paralegal Certificate from Capilano University in 2006.

Gabrielle Komorowska


We are pleased to have well-respected legal assistant, author and instructor Gabrielle M. Komorowska on the Evin Ross team.

For over 40 years, she has worked in BC law offices specializing in the field of Wills and Estates. Gabrielle possesses an inquisitive, analytical mind, enjoys problem solving and is able to make the explanation of a complex situation clear and easy to understand. These are all important qualities for the author a how-to-do-it manuals such as the Guide to Wills & Estates and Guide to Corporate Records. She understands that you have to do things right, the first time.

The Guides which Gabrielle has authored have assisted the legal profession immensely -- not the least of which is through improved efficiency (e.g. speedy document preparation; reduction in document rejection; training new staff). Ultimately, law office clients and the public benefit from her work. The Guides return their cost many times over.

Aside from being a dynamic lecturer, Gabrielle has taught the subject of Wills and Estates and Corporate Procedure at BC educational institutions for over 20 years.

She enjoys reading, travelling, long walks, swimming, opera and singing in choirs.